Dan Nelson Events

America's foremost live event painter

"I create an event, an experience”

I love painting in front of a crowd. I like talking to people and I like interacting with people. I am a live event painter because I am an entertainer at heart.

Almost all people relate a special time in their life to an event. Some people will never forget their high school prom because that is where they fell in love with their future spouse. Many have the memory of their college graduation etched in stone because that was the beginning of their adult lives. Weddings, anniversaries and reunions all bring out powerful emotions.

These emotions are built around events. Each event has its own history and feel. Some events have a fantastic musical backdrop while others have a sincerity of purpose. I enjoy experiencing every nuance of these scenes and being able to translate them into an artistic representation that will last a lifetime.

I specialize in capturing the beauty and essence of special events. From weddings to awards galas to non-profit celebrations, I enjoy being able to channel the vibrance of each event and the spirit of those in attendance into a work or art that becomes an indelible memory of that unique moment in time.

People of all ages will enjoy the interactive nature of my art at events because I truly enjoy falling in love with every face I paint. Your special occasion will benefit from my unique representation because it creates a “nexus of identity” – a single place and an object that helps people continue to celebrate long after the night has ended.

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